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MUSE Photography Awards Panel

The MUSE Photography Awards Jury is exceptional in the depth of expertise it draws on from its extensive judging community, composed of highly respected and experienced professionals who have distinguished themselves in their field.

The jury panel comprised of experienced professionals in their field and industry, including creative and art directors from international agencies, established photographers, photo editors, art collectors, educators or business owners from around the world, bringing industry knowledge and category-specific skill sets to evaluate every entry.

It is with great gratitude and honor that we celebrate the Jury Panel for dedicating their time, knowledge as well as hard work to maintain the awards at the highest standards. Without this prestigious group of industry experts' commitment and enthusiasm, the awards program would not be possible.


José Martinez Silva

CEO, Partner and Founder, ATELIER CENTRAL

As the CEO, founder and main leader architect of ATELIER CENTRAL (AC) since 1991, José Martinez Silva, has designed a wide range of projects from the small scale of a private home to the large scale of urban design, residential, educational, civic, hotel, resorts, commercial, leisure, industry, and deep specialization in Brand Design with special emphasis on the automotive sector.

Throughout 1990-1991, he has worked with well-known architects such as João Luís Carrilho da Graça and Gonçalo Byrne. He is a member of the South Regional Board of the Architects Association, a jury member in multiple competitions, and is frequently invited as a guest speaker at conferences, seminars, master classes, and lectures.

His work has been published in well-respected magazines, websites, blogs, and has been recognized in international competitions, distinguished with prestigious awards and prizes such as 2017 American Architecture Prize – The Firm of the Year Awards 2016, International Space Design Award Idea-Tops 2016 - Best Design Award of Cultural Spaces (Montemor-o-Velho School); Architizer A+Awards (BMWi City Sales Outlet); Valmor’s Award 2011 (Vergílio Ferreira School), among others.

In 2014 launched the Start-up myBUILDIN, an online platform that extends AC’s accumulated know-how to help users to estimate the refurbishing costs of their houses/offices/shops according to the chosen finishes and construction works.

Recently he established ATCENTRAL Group, a privately held real estate investment and advisory firm, reinforced by a reliable history of AC’s architectural services and managing.



Founder, Design Director & Architect, Zhou Wen Jun Design Ltd / 524 STUDIO

Zhou has been invited to United States and Italy as Design Jury for several international design awards. Such as SPARK Architecture and Design Awards (2013.US), A' Design Awards (2013-2014.IT), Vertex Awards (2014-2015.US), A' Design Awards (2015-2016.IT), and Vertex Awards (2015-2016.US). His work has earned a plethora of international awards, mainly including: The Art Directors Club Cube (US), One Show Design Pencil (US), Red Dot Awards (DE), Cannes Lions (FR), Tokyo Type Directors Club (JP), HKDA global design awards (HK), A' Design Awards(IT), International Photography Awards (US), Japan Typography Association (JP), Design For Asia Awards(HK), GRAPHIS Gold Award (US), China National Art Exhibition highest prize (CN) and other awards. He graduated from the School of Architecture at China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). He then majored and graduated with a master's degree in urban image design at the School of Design, also at CAFA. He is a Cube Awarded Member of New York the Art Directors Club (ADC), Pencil Awarded Member of New York The One Club, Member of The Architectural League New York and Member of the China Artists Association. Zhou's work has been published and exhibited globally, such as United States, Japan, Germany, British, Brazil, China, South Africa, India, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, Chile, South Korea, Slovenia, Thailand, Argentina, France, and Switzerland.

United States

Jarvis Grant

Imaging Specialist, Jarvis Grant Imaging

Jarvis Grant is a creative strategist with over 25 years of experience working extensively in the fields of arts education, commercial photography, journalism, digital multimedia and fine art. Recognized as an industry expert who designs solutions integrating my extensive toolset. Solid experience managing innovative models maximizing client expectations through open communications, project management and joint application design sessions. Advocates for team members' voices to be heard during the design process and champions both thought leaders and implementers during the process. Transforming organizational emerging digital media goals by expanding existing assets onto platforms that will extend the reach of the potential user's experiences beyond the physical walls of your institution. Produces captivating content that allows all parties involved to benefit from the power of generating dynamic digital media. Collaborates with digital innovators, K-12 and higher education academicians, writes digital content and technical material, and training curricula for public and private partnerships, and small businesses.


Patrizia Burra

Professional Photographer MQEP (Master qualified European Photographer), Patrizia Burra Photography

Patrizia Burra began his career in art as a painter first and then, self-taught as a photographer. Specializing in portraits and Digital manipulation, Patrizia has received during his career, and in particular the last three years, numerous international prizes and special mentions, has been published in prestigious journals such as 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide 2014/2015 by Lurzer's ARCHIVE 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide 2013/2014 by Lurzer's ARCHIVE or Vogue, and has exhibited his works in Italy and abroad. She is MQEP MASTER QUALIFIED EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHER.


Ronn Lee

Creative Director, BEAMY

Ronn possesses more than 16 years of knowledge and expertise in leading design and branding programmes across the Food and Beverage, Lifestyle, Real Estate and Hospitality sectors. A fearless pioneer, she moved to Shanghai to work as Senior Art Director in advertising and branding agencies, and eventually started her own creative agency to capitalise on China’s burgeoning market potential for brand creation and design services. To date, her award winning agency BEAMY has worked with a wide array of clients ranging from distinguished MNCs to independent start-ups. Prior to Shanghai, she worked as an Art Director in Tokyo. Her experience in Singapore, Japan and China has exposed her to vastly different working cultures and design sensibilities.


Shashwat Das

Founder Director, Almond Branding

Saswata Das has a rare combination of business logic and creative flair. His strong foundation in Marketing coupled with decade of experience leading Design agencies has given him the skillset to objectively judge a subjective piece of design or creative - being able to differentiate between what only looks good vs what works good for the consumer or TG or the market. He has worked with established brands as well as startups across markets with enriched experience of creating brands, leading teams and growing businesses. While on the journey of helping companies in launching new brands, revamping existing brands, defining categories and achieving business growth, he developed the expertise in Brand Creation, Positioning, Brand Architecture and Strategic Design Consultancy. Being an alumnus of Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA), he possesses strong foundations in creative advertising, design, PR, an eye for good branded content and have kept himself abreast with the latest trends in this field through blogs, journals and events. Saswata Das is capable of judging not only traditional forms like print and films and photography but also newer media and social media campaigns.


Rémi Masson

Photographer and cameraman, Rémi Masson Plongeur Photographe

Since before the start of his photographic journey, Rémi has always felt a particular attraction for wild and mysterious environments, specifically the beauty of a world hidden under the surface. Coupled with his freediving skills, he managed to integrate photography as a means of sharing his discoveries, rendering each image with a little emotion that he felt when he entered the particular fresh water universe. With his images being rewarded with more than twenty international prizes, his experience and knowledge of photography will certainly provide a sense of authenticity to the judging of all submitted photographs.

United States

Gigi Chung

Photographer, Gigi Chung Photography

Gigi is an award-winning fine art photographer specializing in abstract architecture and portraiture. Her photos were selected by National Geographic “Your Shot Daily Dozen” in 2009 and 2010 and have been exhibited in London, Glasgow, Portland, Vermont, Greensville, Athens, Chania, Taipei, Trieste, Tokyo, as well as San Francisco. Gigi’s solo exhibition “模樣 Emergence” opened in February 2019 at Hasselblad Japan Tokyo Store Gallery. She is currently working on her “模樣出現 Emergence” series solo exhibition in September 2020 at Tajiro Gallery in Kyoto, Japan. Her recent accolades include being selected as Kyotographie KG Plus 2020 featured artist, Architecture And Interiors Series Winner in the 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Golden Novum Design Award, and The Most Popular Design in Photography and Photomanipulation Category in Novum Design Awards.


Francis De Andrés

Freelance Photographer, Francis De Andrés

Francis was born in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. He’s a graduate in Economics and possesses a Master in Business Administration and Management. In 2021, he decided to change his personal life in order to dedicate it to his two great passions, his family and wildlife photography. Since then he has been working professionally as a freelance photographer. Throughout his career, he has travelled to many places to take various photographs, such as: Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Arctic, Hokkaido & Honchu, Pantanal Brazil, Yellowstone, Norway-Tromsø-Flatanger, Denmark, England, Italian Alps, Scotland, Poland, Hungary, North Sea, Ireland, Costa Rica, and many locations on the Iberian Peninsula. At the side, he collaborates with several organizations dedicated to nature conservation, as well as with books, magazines, and different publications. He has also worked with television and radio programs and has various exhibitions for various genres of photographs, such as: Fine Art, Festimage, etc.


Ionel Onofras

Freelance Photographer, Ionel Onofras Photography

Ionel is a freelance photographer from Romania, with a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management. His passion for photography has led him on this path for 22 years, as of this year. Throughout his career, Ionel has focused on nature photography, capturing stunning images that could only be obtained in the wild. With that, he has also collaborated with National Geographic to capture images that were used on their website and articles.


Viral Padiya

Director , Viral Padiya Photography

Photography has been Viral’s world of wonder since the early stage of architectural school in 1994. His spirit for adventure and photography has since became a passion project and he is continuing it till this day. As a self-taught photographer, he loves to capture the beautiful moment between frames on his camera. To him, it's a wonderful opportunity to be out in the wilderness, be connected with beautiful God's creation, feel different things and spaces around, which ultimately makes the captured photographs more stunning and really unique.


Ella Mack

Photographer and Owner, Tea & Oranges

Ella is an award-winning, Australian-born photographer, with a love for travel. She splits her time, on setting her sights, between Perth, Montreal, and the rest of the world. She specializes in intimate weddings, portraiture, and in-home family-session photography, whilst her passion photography genres are landscapes and portraits. Throughout the years of her career, Ella has honed her craft while traversing the backstreets of Latin America, drinking tea with Kazakh eagle hunters, and hiking volcanoes in eastern Africa. Her photographic skills perfectly captures the distinct contrast between these two aspects of imagery – landscapes and portraits.


Derek Galon

Freelance Photographer, Videographer, Producer, Ozone Zone

Son of a musician – as a small child, Derek loved spending hours under his dad’s grand piano, listening as he practiced for his upcoming concerts. This powerful experience of real “surround sound” determined his life choice – the arts! He studied classical music, arts and photography – requisitioned the family bathroom to serve as darkroom. Already in his teens he was winning awards and exhibiting works, while simultaneously continuing his education and giving concerts. With university studies completed, he further pursued his professional career in the arts. After arriving in Canada from Europe, he expanded his professional interests to include multimedia and graphic design. He has also published books, and collaborated on production of animated 3D holograms. But photography and filming still remain his strongest passion, and he has been doing so for the past 40 years! Derek has made his mark during the last four decades as an internationally recognized architecture and commercial photographer, while creating his own art images along the way. As such, he naturally specializes in photographing boutique hotels, fine B&B, resorts, historic architecture, and fine real estate for publicity/advertising needs.

Czech Republic

Tomáš Neuwirth


Tomáš is an international award-winning photographer that specializes in drone photography. A major milestone in his life was the year 1995, when he began to devote himself to paragliding. As a pilot, he was fascinated by taking pictures from the bird's eye, then still on the 35mm film camera. With the advent of unmanned technologies, new possibilities were opened. His first drone he folded in 2011. However, the desired shots were made by commercially produced drones in the following years. Presently, he is actively engaged in professional drone and classic photography. By selecting unusual locations and fully utilizing post-production processing, he is shifting drone photography to the next level. From landscape to field of fine art. He is the only Czech photographer ever to be a finalist in the All About Photo Awards (2020). His pictures have been exhibited in many countries in addition to Europe, including Mexico, Japan, South Korea, or United Arab Emirates. The Paris online gallery Singulart has included his photographs in its curatorial selection repeatedly. In 2019 he was nominated for the Personality of Czech Photography, in 2022 he was a member of the Czech national team for the WPC / World Photographic Cup. He holds the QEP (Qualified European Photographer) title in the Drone category.

United States

Leon Syfrit

Photographer, Leon Syfrit Artist

He was born in 1968, and grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. His mother made art and father was a chef, so the visual and culinary arts were influential from an early age. He likes the idea that his life experience filters through his art. The creative process is how Leon make sense of who he is and his place in the world. His work uses found and collected objects to make still-life and portrait photographs. He also enjoys documentary photography and alternative photographic processes. He exhibits my art globally. The Philadelphia History Museum, and other institutions, include his work in permanent collections. He has received grants from The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation and other organizations. Publications such as Adore Noir Magazine, and Monovisions Journal circulate his pictures. He taught photography at The Delaware College of Art and Design and The Somerset Academy in Las Vegas. He has a BFA from The University of the Arts, and an AFA from The Delaware College of Art and Design.


Jae Leong

Judging Committee Chairperson, International Awards Associate (IAA)

As the chairperson of IAA's extensive judging committee, Jae is the forerunner of the organization, leading the way in the pursuit of quality assurance and creative excellence in primary fields like design, creative advertising, marketing communications and video production, and business. She is also one of the primary award representatives at IAA, not to mention her various successful administrations of assessments throughout her career.

Jae also emphasizes on the coordination of strategic arrangements across diverse jury panels, positioning herself as one of the best there is in the industry. With a remarkable perception for management, Jae has overseen her role explicitly, ensuring that each entrant receives the evaluations they so rightfully deserve for their efforts and endeavors. Additionally, working with professionals worldwide has allowed her to be in the center of specialization, developing top-notch communication and relation management skills in the process.

United Arab Emirates

donell gumiran

Co-Founder / Design Director / Photographer, Deerect

Donell Gumiran is a Design & Senior Art Director based in Dubai. He sees himself as an image-maker who captures and tells a story in a photograph. The Filipino lensman sees his photography as an art form, borne from his desire to create on canvas and his professional training in design, when he worked as a design director in a creative agency. Now based in the U.A.E., Donell is known for his evocative portraits and travel photography. His favorite subjects are those that capture human conditions and emotions in everyday life. His knack for sharing his stories, captured through the lens, has won him international recognitions. He is the recipient of numerous awards both local and international. He is also photographer & contributor for Asian Geographic Magazine.


Jai Thakur

Independent Photographer, Jai Thakur Photography

Jai is an Independent Photographer from India. As an advertising postgraduate, he started his career as a copywriter in 2009 and since then worked with various agencies, consultancy firms and MNCs. His interest in photography developed while working as a Junior Artist in the Bollywood movie "Bhag Milkha Bhag". In 2013, he attended a weekend photography workshop from a Delhi based club, and post that, started practicing on his own. Other than the number of exhibitions in India, Iran, and Germany, he is a recipient of various national and international awards. His work has been published in multiple books and platforms like Better Photography, FotoNostrum, Dodho, National Geographic, POY - Asia, India Times, Deccan Herald, Indian Photo Arts, 121Clicks, Sahapedia, SPI India Book, Exposure and many more. Additionally, Jai appeared in the MX Player web series “Express Yourself ” on River Conservation. Since 2020, he has been appointed as Reviewer for Olympus OM-D Mirrorless Cameras. Jai has been in the Jury Panel of multiple photography contests nationally and internationally. As a day job, he is working as a Research Analyst – News & Business Risks and practicing photography simultaneously in the available time.


The Jury Panel list will be periodically updated to ensure more opportunities for qualified photographers to participate in this amazing role.

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