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The MUSE Photography Awards Jury is exceptional in the depth of expertise it draws on from its extensive judging community, composed of highly respected and experienced professionals who have distinguished themselves in their field.

The jury panel comprised of experienced professionals in their fields and industries, including creative and art directors from international agencies, established photographers, photo editors, art collectors, educators or business owners from around the world, bringing industry knowledge and category-specific skill sets to evaluate every entry.

It is with great gratitude and honor that we celebrate the Jury Panel for dedicating their time, knowledge as well as hard work to maintain the awards at the highest standards. Without this prestigious group of industry experts' commitment and enthusiasm, the awards program would not be possible.

Hong Kong SAR

Benny Lau

Photographer, Short Film Director and Multimedia Producer., Hong Kong Mobile Photography Club

Benny Lau is a well-known photographer, short film director, and multimedia producer.

Lau's groundbreaking achievement in 2018 as Hong Kong's inaugural full-time mobile phone photographer marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of photography in the region. His creative prowess has not only garnered him eight prestigious gold awards and first prizes in various local and global competitions but has also led to the inclusion of his films in the programs of numerous renowned international film festivals, solidifying his position as a respected artist on the global stage.

He has built a remarkable expertise in the realm of mobile photography, a testament to his unwavering commitment to mastering this art form. With over a decade of experience, he has honed his skills in multimedia video creation, demonstrating a profound dedication to his craft.


Patrizia Burra

Professional Photographer, Patrizia Burra Photography

Patrizia Burra is a renowned photographer that specializes in portraits and digital manipulation.
Over the course of her career, Burra has earned numerous international awards and honorable mentions. Her work has been featured in prestigious publications, and she has showcased her photography in both Italy and overseas. She holds the title of MQEP (Master Qualified European Photographer). This recognition is a testament to her exceptional talent and artistic vision.
Her work captures the beauty of the world around us, from the grandeur of nature to the intimate moments of everyday life. Her limited edition prints are highly sought after, as they are a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will last a lifetime. Her photography is a celebration of life, capturing the beauty of the world in a way that is both timeless and modern. Her limited edition prints are a perfect way to bring her art into your home.


Francis De Andrés

Freelance Photographer, Francis De Andrés

Francis was born in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. He’s a graduate in Economics and possesses a Master in Business Administration and Management. In 2021, he decided to change his personal life in order to dedicate it to his two great passions, his family and wildlife photography. Since then he has been working professionally as a freelance photographer. Throughout his career, he has travelled to many places to take various photographs, such as: Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Arctic, Hokkaido & Honchu, Pantanal Brazil, Yellowstone, Norway-Tromsø-Flatanger, Denmark, England, Italian Alps, Scotland, Poland, Hungary, North Sea, Ireland, Costa Rica, and many locations on the Iberian Peninsula. At the side, he collaborates with several organizations dedicated to nature conservation, as well as with books, magazines, and different publications. He has also worked with television and radio programs and has various exhibitions for various genres of photographs, such as: Fine Art, Festimage, etc.


Ella Mack

Photographer and Owner, Tea & Oranges

Ella Mack is an award-winning travel and portrait Australian photographer.

Mack's journey through the less-trodden avenues of Latin America afforded her a unique perspective on the region's diverse cultures and landscapes. She immersed herself in the customs of Kazakh eagle hunters, sipping tea with them and gaining insights into their way of life. Similarly, her expeditions across the rugged terrains of eastern Africa, provided her with a deep connection to the earth's wild beauty which she masterfully translates into her photographic compositions. With a distinct artistic vision, her photography has the remarkable ability to take vast landscapes, each frame telling a story of its own.

A quiet observer of intimate moments, she uses her photography to document the fleeting moments of love that form the essence of weddings and elopements. Her keen eye for detail complements her unobtrusive methodology, opting to seize authentic moments as they naturally occur.

Czech Republic

Tomáš Neuwirth

Qualified European Photographer, Tomáš Neuwirth Photography

Tomáš Neuwirth, an internationally acclaimed photographer, excels in drone photography.. The emergence of drones later opened new vistas for his photography, allowing him to capture stunning aerial shots with commercial drones.

Today, he is deeply involved in both professional drone and traditional photography, elevating the art form by choosing unique locations and enhancing images through post-production. His work transcends from mere landscape to the realm of fine art. Notably, he is the first Czech photographer to be a finalist in multiple awards and his work has been showcased in numerous countries.

His work has been frequently chosen by the Paris online gallery Singulart. Notably, he was nominated for the Personality of Czech Photography in 2019 and was part of the Czech team for the 2022 World Photographic Cup (WPC). He holds the Qualified European Photographer (QEP) title in the Drone category.

United Arab Emirates

Donell Gumiran

Co-founder, Design Director and Photographer, Deerect Agency

Donell Gumiran is the co-founder, design director and photographer of Deerect, a design agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

With two decades of profound expertise in design, photography, and branding domains, he is primarily focused on brand identity initiatives and continuously stays informed about the most current trends and methodologies in global design to adapt to any cultural or regional context with a creative approach. This results in the creation of unique and unforgettable work, which is approached from various perspectives to deliver versatile results.

Gumiran’s favorite subjects center on encapsulating the human experience in everyday scenarios. He possesses a unique ability to draw viewers into the profound humanity of the individuals in his work. His talent has earned them numerous international award is frequently invited to speak as a source of inspiration at a variety of global photography conferences, where his exhibitions are also prominently featured.


Alessandra Minotti

Professional Photographer, Visual Artist, Printmaking Expert, alessandraminottigraphic.com

Alessandra Minotti is a skilled photographer, visual artist, proficient developer, and printmaking expert. After completing her artistic and photographic studies, Alessandra Minotti launched her professional journey in 1994 by running her photographic lab in Rome.

She excelled in various photography genres such as weddings, still-life, interiors, and fashion, while also extensively engaging in analog development and printing. Since 2010 she has continued to refine her distinctive style, both in commissioned works and in personal projects, with shots with an articulated compositional structure, where one always has the impression of perceiving movement.

Her art explores themes of identity, violence against women, psychophysical well-being, healthy eating, and the environment, often drawing from autobiographical elements. Her work has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions in Italy, Spain and globally. She has authored a monograph and an eBook, with her artwork gaining recognition in prestigious art publications and books, and it has been featured on the SaatchiGalleryLondon screen for six years.


Zhou Wen Jun

Founder and Design Director, 524 STUDIO ® / NGISED.DESIGN ® / Zhou Wen Jun ® Design

Zhou Wen Jun is a renowned designer and an esteemed global awards adjudicator with over two decades of professional expertise in the realms of architecture, creativity, and design. He firmly upholds a design philosophy encapsulated by the mantra: "Everything is Design, Design for Everything! Better Design equals Better Life, Better Quality & Better Business."

Jun plays a pivotal role in shaping the creative direction and vision of his endeavors. His extensive experience spanning over 20 years in the architecture, creative, and design industry positions him as a guiding force in driving innovative and impactful design solutions. He instills a sense of purpose and excellence into every aspect of his work, ultimately contributing to better quality, enhanced lifestyles, and prosperous businesses.

Jun’s remarkable contributions to the field have garnered numerous prestigious international awards and accolades, showcasing his exceptional talent and dedication. His distinguished achievements include, but are not limited to, the following:


Jae Leong

Judging Committee Chairperson, International Awards Associate (IAA)

Jae Leong is the accomplished chairperson of IAA’s extensive judging committee.

As the chairperson, Leong assumes a leadership role, guiding the organization and spearheading initiatives to uphold quality and creative excellence in critical areas such as design, creative advertising, marketing communications, video production, and business. Additionally, she serves as a key award representative at IAA, consistently demonstrating success in overseeing assessments throughout her career.

She prioritizes the coordination of strategic arrangements among various jury panels, establishing herself as a standout figure in the industry. Demonstrating a keen sense of management, Leong has executed her role with precision, ensuring that each participant receives fair evaluations and unbiased assessments, underscoring the significance of integrity in maintaining the credibility of the judging outcomes. Furthermore, her collaboration with professionals globally has positioned her at the forefront of specialization, enabling the development of exceptional communication and relationship management skills.


Ronn Lee

Creative Partner, BEAMY

Ronn Lee is a versatile brand and design expert with two decades of experience in the field, spearheading projects in concept development, branding, graphic design, interactive media, and product innovation across various sectors.

As the co-founder and creative lead of BEAMY, a creative and branding agency with its main office in Shanghai and additional locations in Singapore and New York, she has showcased remarkable initiative. Her journey took her from Singapore to Shanghai, where she was inspired by the growing demand for creative and branding services in China, leading to the establishment of BEAMY. Before her time in Shanghai, Ronn served as an Art Director in Tokyo. Her professional path through Singapore, Japan, and China has provided her with a deep understanding of diverse work cultures and design approaches.

Ronn's contributions to the field have been recognized with over 100 international awards for design and creativity.


Jai Thakur

Independent Photographer and Analyst ,

Jai Thakur is an Independent Photographer from India. His practice investigates the conflicts that exist within society and within himself, as well as the connection between the two.

He works as a Research Analyst during the day, and in his spare time, he practices photography. He has been a member of Diversify Photo since 2022. Additionally, he has successfully completed Reuters Digital Journalism Foundation Course in 2023.

For his efforts in raising awareness about river conservation, he was awarded 'Water Hero' by Govt. of India and appeared in the MX Player web series "Express Yourself". He received a grant from Sahapedia for his work on the Potters Community of Delhi and PoY Asia for Acid Attack work. He has been on the jury panel of several national and international photographic competitions.

United States

Leon Syfrit

Photographer, Leon Syfrit Artist

Leon Syfrit is a photographer of great talent.

Syfrit appreciates the concept of channeling his life experiences into his art. He finds meaning in the creative process as it helps him understand his identity and role in the world. Utilizing found and gathered objects, he crafts still-life and portrait photographs, while also indulging in documentary photography and alternative photographic techniques. His artwork is showcased on a global scale.

His artwork is featured in permanent collections at institutions like the Philadelphia History Museum, among others. Grants from organizations like The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation have been awarded to him. His photographs are published in magazines like Adore Noir and Monovisions Journal. As a photography instructor at The Delaware College of Art and Design, he fosters a dynamic learning environment, guiding students through hands-on projects and critiques to enhance their skills and elevate their arts and crafts in storytelling.


Derek Galon

Freelance Photographer, Cameraman and Videographer, Art Photography Services

Derek Galon is a well-known freelance photographer, camera operator, and videographer with more than four decades of experience in the field of photography in Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Over the past forty years, Galon has established himself as a globally acclaimed photographer in the realms of architecture and commercial photography, all the while crafting his unique art pieces. His creations have found homes with clients across numerous countries worldwide. Presently, he is under the representation of Nature Picture Library in the UK and partners with various stock agencies, in addition to providing photography workshops and working as a juror.

Throughout his career, his relentless pursuit of excellence, numerous awards, influential publications, and art curation at the Royal Holographic Art Gallery have left an enduring mark. For his innovative spirit that pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling he received honorary Fellowships of international photography organizations, and also gained FRPS, a Fellowship of Royal Photographic Society in UK.. This dedication and passion have inspired countless aspiring artists and creators to boldly pursue their own visions.


Ionel Onofras

Freelance Photographer, Ionel Onofras Photography

Ionel is a freelance photographer from Romania, with a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management. His passion for photography has led him on this path for 22 years, as of this year. Throughout his career, Ionel has focused on nature photography, capturing stunning images that could only be obtained in the wild. With that, he has been gold awarded in the top 100 Bird Photographer of the Year by The Guardian, and also collaborated with National Geographic to capture images that were used on their website and articles. He is a specialist in portrait with a very appreciated painterly baroque portraits photography. Very much awarded in the international fine art photography salons.

United States

Gigi Chung

Fine Art Photographer, Gigi Chung Photography

Gigi Chung is a gifted fine art photographer that specializes in abstract architecture.
Through her artistry, she possesses the unique ability to distill complex and intricate scenes into captivating sculptural compositions, where lines, shapes, and contrast take center stage. This meticulous approach includes the conscious inclusion of elements that not only enhance visual appeal but also create an aesthetic harmony within her work. This distinct perspective has garnered her international acclaim, allowing her photography to grace the walls of renowned galleries and compete in some of the most distinguished photography contests across the globe. Her contributions to well-regarded photography publications serve as a testament to her standing as a distinguished artist within the field.
Her remarkable skills as a photographer have propelled her to international recognition, allowing her work to be showcased in prestigious galleries and elite photography competitions around the world, a testament to her talent behind the lens.


Rémi Masson

Photographer and Cameraman, Rémi Masson Plongeur Photographe

Even before embarking on his journey as a photographer, Rémi Masson has been drawn to the untamed and enigmatic aspects of nature, especially the allure of the unseen world beneath the surface.

His exceptional skill in freediving has been a crucial factor in allowing him to seamlessly integrate photography into his underwater adventures, effectively capturing and sharing the nuanced emotions he encounters while immersing himself in the distinct and captivating fresh water environments.

Masson's expertise lies in his unique ability to blend the art of photography with the skill of freediving, capturing the elusive beauty of underwater worlds. His deep understanding of the aquatic environment allows him to frame each shot with a perspective that speaks to the mysteries beneath the surface. His numerous international accolades stand as a testament to his mastery in creating images that are not only visually stunning but also rich in storytelling and emotional depth.


Viral Padiya

Director, Viral Padiya Photography

Being a self-taught photographer, Viral Padiya has a deep passion for capturing the beauty of nature and landscapes.

For him, it's a delightful chance to venture into the wilderness, establish a connection with nature, experience diverse surroundings, all of which contribute to making his photographs exceptionally captivating and truly distinctive. Padiya's love for photography knows no bounds, as he constantly seeks to capture the mesmerizing beauty of nature and landscapes. His passion drives him to immerse himself in the wilderness, where he forms a profound connection with the natural world. Through his lens, he skillfully translates his deep appreciation for the unique and captivating aspects of these environments into stunning photographs.

Padiya's dedication to photography is unwavering, as he tirelessly pursues the perfect shot in the great outdoors. He goes to great lengths to explore diverse natural settings, from serene forests to rugged mountains, to capture the essence of each location.


Shashwat Das

Founder and Director, Almond Branding

Shashwat Das, the founder and director of Almond Branding.

With a solid background in Marketing and over a decade of experience in leading Design agencies, he has developed the ability to impartially evaluate subjective design and creativity. His expertise lies in discerning what not only appears aesthetically pleasing but also effectively resonates with consumers, target audiences, and the market. His journey in assisting companies in launching new brands, revitalizing existing ones, defining market categories, and achieving business expansion has honed his skills in Brand Creation, Positioning, Brand Architecture, and Strategic Design Consultancy.

He possesses a strong foundation in creative advertising, design, PR, and a keen eye for impactful branded content. He remains up-to-date with the latest industry trends through diligent reading of blogs, journals, and active participation in relevant events. He possesses the capability to assess not only traditional forms such as print, film, and photography but also newer media and social media campaigns.

United States

Jarvis Grant

Creative Strategist and Imaging Specialist, Jarvis Grant Imaging

Jarvis Grant is a creative strategist, imaging specialist for Jarvis Grant Imaging which he solely manages and he is also a digital media instructor.

With more than 25 years of experience across various domains, including arts education, commercial photography, journalism, digital multimedia, and fine art, Grant has established himself as a recognized industry expert. He excels in crafting comprehensive solutions that integrate his extensive skillset. His professional journey is marked by his adept management of innovative models, consistently exceeding client expectations, expert project management, and collaborative application design sessions.

Grant is a dedicated advocate for ensuring that every team member's perspective is valued and considered during the design phase. He passionately champions the voices of both thought leaders and implementers throughout the entire process. Creates engaging content that harnesses the potential of creating dynamic digital media, ensuring that all stakeholders can derive value from it.


Jose Martinez Silva

CEO, Founder and Principal Architect, ATELIER CENTRAL

José Martinez Silva has been the CEO, founder, and principal architect at ATELIER CENTRAL (AC) since 1991. He is regularly invited to share his expertise as a guest speaker at conferences, seminars, master classes, and lectures.

He has been involved in a broad spectrum of projects, spanning from small private residences to large-scale urban planning, encompassing residential, educational, civic, hotel, resort, commercial, leisure, industrial, and demonstrating a strong specialization in Brand Design in the automotive sector. In 2014, he introduced the start-up myBUILDIN, an online platform that leverages AC's wealth of knowledge to help users estimate the renovation costs for their homes, offices, or shops based on selected finishes and construction work. Recently, he founded ATCENTRAL Group, a private real estate investment and consulting firm, building on his architectural and management background.

His work has been published in well-respected magazines, websites, blogs, and has been recognized in international competition.


The Jury Panel list will be periodically updated to ensure more opportunities for qualified photographers to participate in this amazing role.

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