2022 MUSE Photograhpy Statuette

2023 MUSE Photography Awards Statuettes

At 13.8 inches tall and weighing almost 5 pounds, the 2023 edition MUSE Awards statuette is a nod to the beauty of expression. Celebrate your victory with a truly gorgeous monument dedicated to your unbridled expressions.

Designed for those who speak their truths, the 2023 MUSE statuettes are representations on how the mind is multi-faceted in its beauty and creativity when you Unleash Yourself.

Built with zinc alloy, the statuette is adorned with lustrous details, each one representing a different winning level. Enchanting and mesmerizing, bold yet graceful, the statuette is priced only at $299* each.

Each statuette bears a personalized engraved nameplate, as means for winners to commemorate their achievements.

(*Excludes shipping fee. Entrants are liable to pay any inbound duties and taxes, should local customs authority deem appropriate.)

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